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Mugheri's first website over the world wide..!                                                                                                             wwww.mugheri.webs.com


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to join site?

    You can join site either from Home page or Members page.

    On Home Page in Right section You can click on link "Register" and fill up required fields.

    On Members page just click on "Join site" button and fill up required fields.

  2. How to invite your friends to join this site?

    Once you have been sign in you will see Invite button on Members Page and on Home Page as well.

    Invite your friends by their email address.

  3. What if I can't receive confirmation email from website?

    When creating account check that you have entered correct and valid email address secondly Check mail in Spam Folder in your yahoo & Gmail account while in Hotmail Check Junk Folder for confirmation email from Mugheri's website other wise wait for few hours because your mail server might be busy even if u cant get confirmation email then sign up again with diffrent email.

  4. Problem in uploading profile photo?

    Please update your web browser in order to get rid from such problem.

    If still you are facing problrm then try another browsers like Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explore etc

  5. Who can upload Photos & Videos?

    This feature is only enabled for Members. Once you become member you will be able to upload photos and videos.

  6. How to Publish Blogs?

    This is member's feature so Sign in first., then Go to Blog Page>Post New Entry,Enter Title,Choose Catagory,Write in Text Area and Click Publish. Your Blog will be Published.


    Note: You can Add Photos in Blog by pasting their urls in Insert Image Box and you can also insert Links,Smilys,HTML Code etc

  7. How to post comments or feedback without being a Member?

    Mugheri's website has got a feature in which any one can share his/her ideas,comments,feedback by going in More> Guestbook and fill just required fields i,e email id and comments then post it.

  8. Who can upload and download Books?

    Anyone can read and download Books but only members can Upload Books.

  9. Who can share Photos of website to social websites?

    Anyone can share photos,blogs on social website by opening desired photo and under photo click on Share button to share on sevral websites like Facebook,Twiiter,Linkedinn,Yahoo,Gmail etc

  10. Who can add Profiles in Professional's Page?

    The Admin & website owner only can add profiles. If any one has profile then he/she can contact through contact button on L/S of every page or you can mail on admin's id's given in About page.

  11. How to change your password?

    On home/Members page sign in and go to your profile, edit your profile and access to change password and save your changes. 

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