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Welcome to official website of  Mugheri

Thanks to Almighty Allah who gave me courage and understanding to start and complete this work in the form of website. It is is my first website over the global & fastest channel an 'internet'. My article about history of Mugheri tribe has also been published on World's top ranking & largest Encyclopedia that is "Wikipedia". I dedicate my article & this website to my beloved Mugheri tribe and my heartiest wishes are always for them. For long time I was anxious to know the history of my caste but I didn't find any description from several books,online and even Chiefs of tribe were unable to provide any authentic elaboration, well I started research work while studying Matriculation at Cadet College and thus i got enough knowledge about my caste in all aspects in final year of university.There are two theories about Mugheri. One account says that Mugheri is a baloch tribe while another account proves Mugheri is an arab race who came to invade Sindh in 800AD and then settled & ruled there, but after couple of centuries in subcontinent this tribe was mereged and considered as Baloch tribe while majority of this caste is still well known as arab race in arabian countries. Mughera is also an area near Khyber in Saudi Arab. I hope u'l help me to improve this website & don't hesitate to inquire thanks! 
Engr. Mir Iqbal Mugheri

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